Erhard Busek / 12. 5. 2020

I think the first step should be to analyze, which right and wrong directions we are within the discussion of the corona crises. I would say, there were a lot of wrong comparisons for example to compare it with the results of the World War II. Also it should be analyzed, in which way necessary cooperation on the European and international level failed and what is really missing in this future. I think the real answer concerning humanities is to develop a real content of Europe and on which level there should be a closer cooperation. So far I would say it is necessary to discuss the responsibilities on the European level, on the regional level and on the level of the nation state.

It is necessary to discuss the language: that means not only fake news, but also a kind of aggressions, misunderstandings and so on.

It is necessary to discuss the responsibilities concerning the recovery of the economic situation, but also of the social relations. We have an ongoing discussion, who might be the rich and the poor in the future, but also discuss ethical questions like it was concerning the elderly people: is it necessary to invest in them to keep them alive or can we set priorities in favor of the economy and to forget those, because they are costing too much money?

We have to discuss the real groups, who are honorable. In Austria a lot of groups were named as “heroes”, but for some it is right, for others it is too much.

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