Mira Miladinović Zalaznik – Dean Komel (Eds.):

Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit als Herausforderung der Humanwissenschaften

Freedom and Justice as a Challenge of the Humanities

Peter Lang Verlag, Bern 2018.

The humanities represent the foundation of the cultural-civilizatory heritage of contemporary world. However, it seems that the socio-economic development and techno-scientific progress have on a global level forced them to the margins of society, and weakened their role in education, culture, and research. The confrontation with current social crises, which have affected our understanding of freedom and justice, motivates a renewed awareness of the importance of humanistic tradition for the acceptance and creation of a common future, as well as for the recognition of diversity of the world and dignity of the individual. Contributions by 22 authors in the collective volume of the Forum for the Humanities discuss the significance and perspectives of the humanities today.

>> Review in the Italian journal Teoria >>

Phainomena, 27, 106–107, November 2018

Authors: Peter Trawny | Adriano Fabris | Jožef Muhovič | Jeff Malpas | Kentaro Otagiri | Ugo Vlaisavljević | Wei Zhang | Eleni Leontsini | Gašper Pirc | Fernando Manuel Ferreira da Silva | Yichun Hao

Phainomena, 26, 102–103, November 2017

Authors: Michael Marder | Andrzej Gniazdowski | Babette Babich | Virgilio Cesarone | Jesús Adrián Escudero | Trong Hieu Truong | Victor Molchanov | Cathrin Nielsen | James Mensch | Massimo De Carolis | Ľubica Učník | Urszula Zbrzeźniak | Andrej Božič

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