The section of the FORhUM website entitled Encountering Humanities is a discussion platform dedicated to the exchange of ideas regarding the state, the circumstances and the perspectives of the humanities today.

Under the different headlines the subdivisions of the section Encountering Humanities offer commentaries by the members of the FORhUM upon themes and topics that theoretically as well as practically concern not only the various disciplines within the humanities in their respective specific fields of research and in their interdisciplinary effectuation, but also – the possibility of – humanity (or: humanities) as such in the actuality of the modern techno-scientific world. The contributions within the section enable a dialogical interaction amongst the members and with the public sphere, thus creating a streaming, continual transmission of information. With the purpose of presentation and promotion of the humanities the section also includes posts with links to important publications in diverse printed or online media, as well as notifications on conferences, workshops and exhibitions, periodic or monographic publications around the world. Of equally vital importance for the intertwining of the humanities with other aspects of human dwelling in the world is the dissemination of knowledge through interinstitutional collaboration, whereat announcements of calls for application, study programs and research projects are of pivotal necessity.

Encountering Humanities follows the principal guideline of multilingualism that at once renders possible and reflects the plurality of standpoints and viewpoints, the multitude of methodological approaches and the thematic heterogeneity within the humanities. Contributions of the sections respect diversity and are therefore published in all the languages of the world (with a short description in English and/or Slovenian language).

The subdivision Exchanging Experiences is reserved for registered users only and is intended for internal communication and private notifications amongst the members of the FORhUM.

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